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Fencing can have a variety of meanings, such as the fence we have in our home. Fencing, such as the fencing that keeps your dog contained, is a construction that encloses a yard or area. You might buy enough fencing to encircle your entire backyard – it may be made of wood, metal, or even plastic, and this material is also known as fencing. Fencing with long sharp foils is another type of fencing that has been popularized by Hamlet, Holden Caulfield, and a slew of other posh youths. Fencing that involves a battle with sword-like weapons is a whole separate sport. Fencing began as a form of military training and a means of resolving conflicts, but it evolved into a sport in the 18th century.

If you’re looking for Fencing pick-up lines, you’ve come to the correct spot. Let’s face it, on any given day, 80 percent of folks see fences or play games like Minecraft. Even though fences aren’t something you can utilize in flirting, it isn’t always enough to bring you to the end. In this case, our fencing pickup lines come in handy.

Fencing Pick-Up Lines To Start A Conversation 

Fencing, an elegant sport, is now a flirting game too. In 2023, fencing pick-up lines are scoring hearts. They’re quirky, classy, and absolutely engaging.

1 “You must be a sabre, because you’ve cut through my defences.”

A smooth start, isn’t it? This line shows vulnerability and attraction.

2 “Are you a foil? Because you’ve touched my heart.”

Heartfelt and fencing-specific, this line denotes a deep connection.

3c”Is your name Epee? Because you’ve got my point.”

Sharp and playful. With this line, you affirm their intelligence while bringing in a dash of humor.

4c”Are you a fencing mask? Because I can’t see past you.”

This one is sweet and romantic. It tells them they’re your whole world.

5 “Can we have a bout? Because I’m falling for you.”

Straightforward yet adorable. A clever way to convey you’re head over heels.

6 “If love is a duel, I yield to you.”

Surrender has never been so charming. This line says you’re ready to give your heart.

7 “Are you a riposte? Because you’ve counterattacked my heart.”

Witty and passionate. A clever way to acknowledge their impact on you.

8 “Your smile is sharper than any fleche attack.”

Simple, endearing and effective. A beautiful way to appreciate their smile.

9 “Are you a referee? Because you just made my heart stop.”

A little dramatic, but who doesn’t like that? It’s a great way to show how much they affect you.

10 “Are you my sabre? Because I don’t want to let you go.”

It’s romantic, sincere, and makes them feel valued. A perfect end-note to the fencing charm!

Fencing isn’t just about parries and thrusts. In 2023, it’s also about love and flirtation. Here are some pick-up lines straight from the fencing piste.

11 “Do you believe in love at first bout?”

The first line is a twist on an old favorite. It introduces a fencing term, creating instant connection.

12 “You’ve definitely disarmed me.”

This line is a pun, a light-hearted nod to a key fencing move. It suggests they’ve caught you off-guard with their charm.

13 “Is your name Sabre? ‘Cause my heart’s struck.”

A specific fencing reference, this line carries a clear message. You’ve been deeply impacted by their presence.

14 “Baby, you’ve got me off balance.”

This expresses vulnerability. It shows their mere presence shakes your usually sturdy stance.

15 “Are you a foil? ‘Cause you’ve touched my heart.”

This play on words is both clever and heartfelt. It implies that they’ve made a deep impression.

16 “Do you fence? Because epee-nly for you.”

A pun-intended pick-up line. It combines fencing terminology with a declaration of interest.

17 “Your love is the only attack I can’t parry.”

This line combines fencing vocabulary with a confession of affection. It shows your defences are down.

18 “Are you a fencing judge? ‘Cause you’ve scored a point in my heart.”

Here, you give them the control. It’s a fun, endearing way to convey interest.

19 “Baby, are you a lunge? ‘Cause you’ve closed the distance.”

A sweet sentiment with a touch of fencing charm. It shows they’ve reached into your personal space – and your heart.

20 “If hearts were targets, yours would be a bullseye.”

The final line promises a direct hit. It’s a clear way to tell them they’ve completely won you over.

So, there you have it. Fencing-inspired pick-up lines to help win your bout for love in 2023!

Just like fencing, successful flirting requires precision, timing, and a little bit of style. With these lines, you’re sure to hit the mark. En garde, love is in the air!

Fencing is a popular and competitive sport. Do you want to date a fencer who excels and enjoys the sport? Are you taking a fencing class or competing in a competition? Take a look at these pick-up lines about fencing to help you break the ice during this activity!

  • Do I have the right of way?
  • Are you a Minecraft fence? Because I can’t get over you.
  • Do you want to go retreat into the sunset with me?
  • I can help you with that body chord.
  • I love the way your lamé glitters in the moonlight.
  • If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my fence.
  • It was a direct elimination when I saw you.
  • Will you repel me?
  • That’s the nicest touche I’ve seen all season!
  • Oh, baby, let me see that fleche!
Fencing Pick Up Lines To Start A Conversation 1
Fencing Pick Up Lines To Start A Conversation 1

Fencing Pick-Up Lines For Him/Her

This list contains cheesy fencing pick-up lines, for you to use with the girl or boy you like. Are you a fencing(game) fan who wants to strike up a conversation with that cute guy or girl? If they like fencing too, here’s your chance to impress them with one of these ridiculous remarks!

  • Wanna pull my body wire tonight?
  • Your salle or mine?
  • Baby, I don’t have any invalid target area.
  • Is it accurate to say that you are a screamer?
  • I want to touch you all over!
  • Want to find out what the real lefty advantage is?
  • I can help you with that body chord.
  • Can I lubricate your point tonight?
  • Fencers are great at using proper protection.
  • I prefer the French style, but I hear Italian is fun too.
Fencing Pick Up Lines For Him Her1
Fencing Pick Up Lines For Him Her1

Fencing Pick-Up Lines That Are Quite A Catch

If you’re into athletes and run across one on a dating app or in person, you’ll want to grab their attention and strike up a discussion. But how do you do it? Whether you know anything about sports or not, here are some pick-up lines you may use to turn that jock into a boyfriend.

  • Want to talk about one thing we have in common over drinks? Our love for fencing games.
  • I’m pretty sure the probability of me winning your heart is high because we both love fencing.
  • I will warm up a bench for you if that means spending some quality time with you.
  • It was a direct elimination when I saw you.
  • My fingers are split but I guarantee that these work perfectly fine for what we are about to do.
  • I will fight my way into your heart. That is how persistent I am because I’m a player.
  • I’m a platoon player who craves action but when it comes with you I swear I’ll be patient.
  • You only have one choice tonight, babe. Is it going to be your place or mine?
  • Do you want me to give you my sword? Tonight? Because baby I am willing.
  • Bored? You want some thrill, right? You’re in a good fencing player’s hands.
Fencing Pick Up Lines That Are Quite A Catch1
Fencing Pick Up Lines That Are Quite A Catch1

Corny Fencing Pick-Up Lines

Some are interested in sports. But can you blame them? Athletes are powerful individuals. They are well-behaved. They also look nice while they’re sweating, and the competitive advantage they have can be quite appealing. We’ve compiled a list of fencing pick-up lines to help you wow the athletes you like.

  • I am thankful that in the process of trying to fix myself through fencing I found you.
  • Baby, I will take care of you better than I am taking care of myself whenever I’m in a game.
  • Damn, you look so hot in your fencing clothes.
  • For you, I would push my limit doing everything in my fencing games.
  • I am looking for a fencing buddy. Do you like to be my fencing buddy?
  • Hey, want me to teach you fencing and get to know me a little?
  • I would push my limit every fencing game just to get your attention.
  • Hey, I heard you want to learn fencing. Want me to lend you a hand…forever?
  • Want to extend our little fencing game and stretch some unused muscles with me tonight?
  • Hey, wanna play fencing and lose some sweat with me?
Corny Fencing Pick Up Lines1
Corny Fencing Pick Up Lines1

Fencing Pick-Up Lines To Use During The Olympics 

Fencing’s entire base system has been re-appropriated as a series of hookups, and we thought sword games and fencing had a lot of suggestive vocabulary. Are you a fan of the Olympics? Perhaps your crush is watching it and you want to impress them. So here are some Fencing Pick-Up Lines to assist you.

  • Fencing made me into this disciplined man. Want to just be carefree even for a night?
  • For you, I would win every Fencing game just to get your attention.
  • If you need help with fencing just call me okay by the way my name is baby just kidding.
  • I am sure I would still like you even if you are not a fan of fencing players like me.
  • I am sure I would still like you even if you are not a fencing player.
  • My love for you is greater than my love for fencing games.
  • Girl, I promise there is no competition between you and my love for fencing.
  • You look good even when you are sweaty but you’d look better if you’re in my bed like that.
  • Damn, I want to feel your well-trained body against my skin so bad.
  • I promise I will prioritize you over fencing every time. You wouldn’t even have to ask.
Fencing Pick Up Lines To Use During The Olympics 1
Fencing Pick Up Lines To Use During The Olympics 1

Smooth Fencing Pick-Up Lines

Use these smooth fencing pick-up lines in appropriate situations, such as sporting situations, particularly in a fencing match, or with someone who enjoys fencing. Read and appreciate these fantastic pick-up lines, and don’t be shy about sharing them with your crush, lover, or anybody else you want to impress.

  • You take my breath away whenever I see you do those tricks in your games.
  • I do not like fencing but I would love to convert myself to spend more time with you.
  • You’re cute, want to corps à corps?
  • Do you like the idea of you and me going to my favorite games together?
  • Do you need to improve your bone density? Because I would be willing to help you with that.
  • If you want to burn some extra calories just call me baby and I will be there.
  • I heard you’re into fencing. Want to help me to improve my stamina for my upcoming games?
  • Do you have a push-up partner already? Because I am so willing to be yours forever.
  • Want to have fun burning some calories with me tonight because you missed your practice?
  • If I am going to have a cheat day away from fencing practices I’d like to spend it with you.
Smooth Fencing Pick Up Lines1
Smooth Fencing Pick Up Lines1

Fencing Pick-Up Lines To Strike A Conversation

For sports fans, we’ve put together a list of Fencing pick-up lines. If you like someone who enjoys fencing as much as you like playing or watching it. Then you’ll need a good pickup line to begin up a discussion with him or her. Pick-up lines, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to initiate a stimulating conversation.

  • I need a good stretch because I haven’t practiced for so long. Want to help me with that.
  • Do you mind if I include our activity in my training regimen?
  • Girl I do not mind you checking me out as long as you let me check you out too.
  • Girl, I will let you in on my training regimen if you let me in on your life.
  • Honey I would like to be included in your daily routine so I promise I’ll go early to your games.
  • Your body is lovely but your entirety is lovelier.
  • If I could allot this much time for practice I definitely could make time for you.
  • I do not mind if you use me as a sword tonight.
  • Aren’t you worn out already? Because you’ve been running on my mind since I saw you play.
  • If I could run this hard and fast I definitely could use this to make you happy tonight.
Fencing Pick Up Lines To Strike A Conversation1
Fencing Pick Up Lines To Strike A Conversation1

Fencing Pick-Up Lines For Dating Apps

Fencing Pick Up Lines are what they’re called. So, if you see or meet an attractive girl or boy who is a fencer, don’t hesitate to approach them. To impress her or him, you’ll need great Fencing Pick Up Lines. And you can use these Fencing Pick Up Lines to flirt with that fencing player girl or guy. So, what do you have to lose?

  • I promise I’ll protect your heart with a determination I only use when playing this game.
  • I do not think I have ever seen such a beautiful body capable of that technique as yours.
  • I’ll make sure you laugh with all the pick-up lines I made related to your favorite sports.
  • Be ready to be turned on baby! Your favorite sports plus pick-up lines are coming!
  • This game or you? There is no way I’d be choosing this game over you.
  • I heard you are looking for someone to teach you this game. I think I am qualified for this.
  • Boy are you having trouble with that sword because I’d be willing to guide you through that.
  • My favorite moment? Watching our favorite teams play together.
  • Darling, I am always ready. I have got gloves stock at home.
  • I don’t have a pick-up line related to this game but believe me I can pick you if you watch me.
Hilarious Pirate Pick Up Lines1
Fencing Pick-Up Lines For Dating Apps


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