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Dragon Pick Up Lines for Flirting in 2022




There are a lot of guys who enjoy the dragon series, therefore you’re bound to encounter a girl who does as well. The characters in Dragon pick up lines are well-known, and it’s impossible not to like them.

These pick-up lines are so amusing and cheesy that they might just work. They’ll make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to your sweetheart that you’re into the important games. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best dragon-themed pick-up lines to help you flirt with your crush and increase your chances of winning her heart. Here they are, for your enjoyment.

Dragon Pick Up Lines

Finding somebody to hang out with can be difficult if you don’t go out very often. If making friends is difficult, getting a date is even more difficult. But, who knows, maybe you’ve gotten an invite to a D&D game. And perhaps, just maybe, another player has piqued your interest. So, what exactly are you waiting for? You might not get another chance to meet a partner who is willing to play RPGs with you. Take a chance on one of these Dungeons & Dragons pick-up lines!

  • Hey, those pants are really tight. Would you mind me getting them out of you, maybe starting on the couch?
  • I guess you are stronger than any girl around her. Will you come over to my place and drag me to my bed?
  • What else to have that’s big apart from your hair?
  • Do you have a magical staff in your pocket? Because you are so happy.
  • Do you like dragons? Because I want to dragon my balls across your face tonight.
  • I want you to be the queen under my mountain.
  • You are still hot even if your eyes are that cold.
  • Hey sexy girl, would you want to keep calm and f*** a dragon?
  • Would you like to spar? I’m sure you know what I mean.
  • Wanna check my scales to find out how much I weigh?
  • Getting your hands on my dragon balls will make your wishes come true.
  • Would you want to have a dragon dance?
  • I guess you are a fairy-type, because I can’t help your charm on me.
  • If you handle my balls, your wishes shall have come true.
  • Will you follow me to my room and show you a technique that will stop any girl on her tracks?
  • Will you be my princess? Because I want you to have the pleasure of being royalty.
  • Do you want to see the two greatest balls I am carrying?
  • Heads or tail, I like you.
  • Will we go into my hyperbolic bedroom and have a year’s worth of pleasure?
  • If you were Vegeta, you would give me a flash.
  • Hey sexy, will you get into my trucks?
  • Did you know that eggs aren’t the only thing I lay?
  • Babe, you can be my Dungeon Master any night.
  • Excuse me, did you just roll a natural twenty for diplomacy? Because you’re definitely influencing my attitude.
  • I’ll show you the one time where Endurance isn’t useless.
  • Hey, babe, wanna go get prone?
  • If you’re into it, I’m a bit of a dominate person
  • Girl you must of rolled a crit on DAMN
  • The bedroom is my favored terrain.
  • Wanna roll a natural 20 on your pleasure check tonight?
  • Are you a Mimic? Because I’m pretty sure that chest is fake.
  • My quivering palm is for the kill zones and thrill zones.
Dragon Pick Up Lines
Dragon Pick Up Lines

Dungeon & Dragons Pick Up Lines

Do you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons or are you dating someone who does? Use these D&D Pick Up Lines to talk about various races, mechanics, characters, the board, roleplaying, classes, and more! To flirt with your Master and loved ones, you have a plethora of pickupline lines at your disposal. Your romantic life will be spiced up with love, dice, and role playing.

  • Hey babe. I must have failed my Will save because you just Charmed me.
  • Are you a cleric, cause your beauty is divine.
  • I think I might be a Paladin. Mind if I Lay On Hands to check?
  • Are you a succubus? ‘Cuz I wanna fuck you.
  • Rrrr, honey. Think you can master this beast?
  • Warforged: ‘I was made to be fully functional in multiple techniques. I also have add-ons for a broad variety of pleasuring.’
  • Ever been with a rogue? We like to do it from behind.
  • Halflings make the best dinner love, wink the best breakfast too.
  • Hey gorgeous, can I find out if Eagle’s Splendor wears out in the morning?
  • Turns out my bed was a mimic, can I sleep in yours? I wanna hit that, critically.
  • You must have cast Ray of Enfeeblement on me, because you’re making my knees weak.
  • Wanna wield a broadsword?
  • I’m a Sorcerer, you’re a summoner. Together we are one magic item.
  • Let me be your companion tonight and I’ll show you my bestial fury.
  • I’d travel to the bottom of the 9 Hells and back to see your pure white smile like the Reghed Glacier.
  • Hey baby, I got +10 in endurance.
  • I play a bard. Knowing how to use my tongue is a requirement!
  • Are you a rebel drow house? ‘Cuz you’re causing a stir in my underdark…
  • Can I make a save vs. awestruck?
  • I may not be a wizard, but I’m still looking for a new staff.
  • Got any implements?
  • Baby, you are so stunning when I first saw you I had to make a saving throw.
  • I can Cure Disease….
  • So you’re a divination wizard? Tell me, is our wedding going to be in the summer or fall?
  • Are you a Beholder? ‘Cause I’d like to be-holdin’ that ass you fine momma.
  • Don’t worry, it’ll be over in a blink.
  • Your perception check is successful, you’ve found a dashing rogue.
  • Hey girl, do you want to touch my Rod of Wonder?
  • Are you a bard? Because you’re plucking at my heartstrings like a lute.
  • Why don’t you let me hit that and do double damage?
  • Was your father a cleric? Cause you sure are a blessing”
  • Hey honey, do you like a neck rubs? My Lay on Hands is Divine!
  • I may not be a wizard, but I’ve got the magic fingers.
  • Half-elf: ‘Wanna peek at my other half?’
  • I took great cleave, so feel free to bring a friend. 😉
Dungeon Dragons Pick Up Lines
Dungeon Dragons Pick Up Lines

Ender Dragons Pick Up Lines

Here’s a list of sleek and nasty Dragon pick up lines and openingszinnen that work better than reddit. Include great Omegle conversation starters as well as effective chat up lines and comebacks for when you’ve been burnt, all of which are proven to work as Tinder openers.

  • You must have a low AC because I can hit that!
  • Did it hurt when you got sucked through that portal out of the Celestial Plane?
  • The chest might be booby-trapped!
  • I can’t control the rain, but you can expect a few inches tonight”
  • I’m really glad I had this ring of feather falling. As I looked into your eyes and fell hard.
  • Hey baby, wanna see my wild shape?
  • Lets be like druids and get wild.
  • Casts detect magic ‘I can’t believe it, there’s no illusion. You really are that beautiful’
  • You can be my dungeon master any time you want.
  • You must be part Medusa, because part of me is turning to stone.
  • Are you a bard? You’ve just inspired my pants.
  • Is that an Immovable Rod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Half-orc: ‘I’m a human on the streets, but I’m all orc between the sheets!’
  • Are you a medusa? ‘Cuz you’re making me hard.
  • That bartender took my ritual scroll, whaddya say you go get it back so I can conjure up my floating disc and we can get on out of here?
  • You got a radius I’d like to Grease tonight.
  • Damn girl are those natural?
  • Are you a monk? Because you look stunning.
  • You rolled a 20 on your charisma check
  • How much does a polar (owl)bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.
  • Are you a rogue? Because you’ve stolen my heart.
  • Are you part gelatinous cube? Because black pudding don’t jiggle like that!
  • Are there lots of Mimics around here? Because that chest looks too good to be true.
  • Are you the goddess Sune? Cuz you are Sune to be mine.
Ender Dragons Pick Up Lines
Ender Dragons Pick Up Lines

Imagine Dragons Pick Up Lines

Dragons is an exciting game in which each player has a variety of abilities. You can construct powerful superheroes, battlegrounds, monsters, and earn rewards for completing puzzles and tasks, among other things.

I hope these dragon pick up lines for ladies helped you land a date or a phone number; if not, keep trying and be patient because possibilities abound.

  • Gorag want you. Gorag use you for hit dice and damage dice with big, big axe!
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a natural 20.
  • You don’t even have charisma check proficiency but you already charmed me.
  • Baby, you must be a Medusa, ’cause when you give me that look you make me hard as stone!
  • So you’re a divination wizard? Tell me, is our wedding going to be in the summer or fall?
  • Hey babe, I just want you to know I have Exotic Proficiency.. with whips. Grrraarrrl…
  • Someone like you is worth taking 20 on.
  • Baby, you make my alignment spin!
  • Wanna help me conjure a new life form?
  • Wanna see what a +5 charisma has under the hood?
  • Do you have a minute? ‘Cuz I’d like to Identify what makes you tick.
  • Hey baby, even been with a rogue? We’re in and out before you even notice.
  • I was the inspiration for Bigby’s Fist.
  • Paladin, huh? I didn’t hear chastity among those oaths you took.
  • Are you a bard? ‘Cuz you’re plucking at my heartstrings.
  • Hey babe. Are you an eldarin? Cause I bet you’d be feywild in bed.
  • Are you a wildmage? Because you’ve caused chaos in my mind?
  • You know, my unarmed crit range is 10-20.
  • Feeling wild, baby? That’s okay. I have a lot of ranks in Handle Animal.
  • Do you know the spell dream by any chance? As I’m sure I saw you last night.
  • I’m a renowned wizard, but I’ve never seen anything as magical as your smile.
  • Do you have the [Extraplanar] subtype? Because you’re out of this world.
  • Y’know, wizards are great at turning flesh to stone
  • Half-off on a roll of 5? They must have some crazy charisma.
  • Damn baby, I must be a Displacer Beast because I will be beside myself if you don’t come home with me tonight.
Imagine Dragons Pick Up Lines
Imagine Dragons Pick Up Lines

Cute Dragons Pick Up Lines

Because dragon lovers are notoriously difficult to please, the only way to impress them is to use a pickup line tailored just for them. So, instead of trying to impress with standard, boring pick up lines, try one of the unusual redhead pick up lines listed in this article.

  • An alchemist? If we mixed together, would we go bang?
  • Girl you must be a daily because I’m raging right now.
  • Babe, let me put on my robe and wizard hat.
  • Don’t worry, I’ve got protection aura.
  • Girl, your booty is so fine, its stats must be from one of the game’s epic-level splatbooks instead of the core rulebooks.
  • you’re so fine, I’m taking -2 to attack rolls.
  • You must be a paladin because you are divine and i am smitten.
  • I hope you’re not a monk, since I’m tired of hands.
  • Can I make a save vs. boner?
  • if I polymorphed us both into squirrels could I bust a nut in your hole?”
  • I’m glad I’m not undead, cuz baby you’ve got a Divine Touch.
  • My charisma gives me a +1 bonus to hit on you
  • You must be a Beholder, because I can see beauty in your eyes.
  • Girl, I must be a paladin because I wanna lay my hands on you.
  • Is that some loot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
  • Did someone just cast Phantasmal Killer on me? Because you are drop-dead gorgeous.
  • It might feel like I’ve charmed you, but it’s really all natural
  • Hey baby, wanna give my cockatrice?
  • My greatsword is too big for my belt. Mind if I stick in your bag of holding?
  • Are you a wizard? ‘Cuz you cast a spell on me.
  • I may have to make a fortitude save against suffocation, because you’re absolutely breathtaking.
  • I’d sell my soul to a fiend to get a little familiar with you.
  • Reroll that. 0D0+0.
  • I swear, I’m an animal in bed.
  • Do you have proficiency in thieves’ tools? Because you just stole my heart..
  • Sorry it took me so long to get over here but you knocked me prone when you walked in the room.
  • Get ready to make a constitution check.
  • I know my description says ‘outsider’ but I’d rather be ‘insider’ if you know what I mean.
  • Sweetheart, let’s make ourselves a quarterling.
  • You haven’t tried it till you’ve tried it with a mage hand
  • I rolled a 5 on my Diplomacy check to haggle with the hotel manager. We get half-off, but we have to share.
Cute Dragons Pick Up Lines
Cute Dragons Pick Up Lines

Do You Like Dragons Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines come in handy when it comes to striking up a discussion with someone you like. The majority of the time, pick-up lines work, but dragon lovers tend to be immune to their allure, and we have a remedy for that as well.

  • I may not be a necromancer but I know how to make things rise.
  • You must play D&D because that is some Great Cleave.
  • Wow, you totally just Crit’d your Charisma check, you’re gorgeous!
  • Hey gorgeous, are you a vampire? Because I’d create a Spawn with you any day.
  • Girl, are those Paladin Pants? Because you’re looking lawful good in ’em.
  • You know, you’ll need a Strength of at least 13 to handle my Greatstaff.
  • I may only be half Genie but I can still make all your wishes come true.
  • Hey, Are you an Evil Halfling? ‘Cause I feel like I want to make you my Bad Hobbit.
  • It’s a good thing I have a ring of fire resistance because you are HOT!
  • I’m a sex wizard, with 69th level sex magic
  • Wanna find out how compatible our alignments are?
  • I may be a(n) X, but I’m a barbarian in bed.
  • Want to see how many charges my wand has?
  • Are you a rogue? Because you just stole my heart.
  • I can do more than Stone Shape to make the bedrock.
  • You must be divine because I’m taking radiant damage just standing here.
  • With that face, you must have +10 Charisma.
  • I wish I was an Elf, because I doubt I’ll be able to sleep after seeing your smile.
  • Want a +3 Rod of Pleasure?
  • Are you a fighter? ‘Cuz I never wanna (c)leave your side.
  • Are you a sorcerer? ‘Cuz a face that pretty must be innate, not learned.
  • Casts detect magic I can’t believe it, there’s no illusion. You really are that beautiful
  • Are you a cleric? ‘Cuz you make me feel healed.
  • Hey girl, uses mage hand I’ve got magic fingers…
  • I think your beauty just flanked me, ’cause I sure feel flat-footed.
  • I put the romance in necromancy.
  • Are you also a wizard? Cause when I look at you everything else disappears”
  • If you’re feeling restless, I can do some rope tricks
  • This level 3 Wizard has only one spell in his book – Tongues.
  • Ever kissed a flameskull?
  • Do you want to hire my adventurer to explore your dungeon.
  • I put on my robe and wizard hat.
  • Is that a familiar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Want to go someplace quieter, or should I wait an hour and reroll my diplomacy?
  • Are you a barbarian? ‘Cuz your style is all the rage.
  • I know my way around Grease and Color Sprays, if you’re up for it.
  • Did you fall through a portal from Mount Celestia, because you look like an angel.
  • You’ve grappled my heart
Do You Like Dragons Pick Up Lines
Do You Like Dragons Pick Up Lines

Dragon Age Pick Up Lines

You may have had your eye on that cute gorgeous girl for far too long and now believe it is time to act. We’ve looked everywhere and created a list of the greatest dragon pick up lines to help you sweep that lovely girl off her feet.

  • Did you roll a 20? ‘Cuz you crit my heart
  • I wouldn’t mind if you used Hold Person on me.
  • Hey babe, want to find out why they call it the Rod of Wonder?
  • Hey baby, wanna tune my mandolin??
  • Changeling: ‘You should see what else I can change the size of…’
  • Are you a bard? ‘cuz you got a solid 20 in Charisma
  • My will isn’t the only thing iron.
  • You gotta be part Medusa, because you’re making part of me rock hard.
  • Are you a Ranger? It’s the only way you could Hide in Plain Sight
  • You cast a spell on me baby, and I failed dat save.
Dragon Age Pick Up Lines
Dragon Age Pick Up Lines


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